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Speed Cameras

Speed camera detectors and laser diffusersSpeed camera detectors can save you from expensive fines and penalty points.

Our speed camera devices range from plug and play detection devices to discreetly fitted combined laser diffusers and "parking sensor" system.

The detectors can be plugged into the accessory socket or can be hardwired into the vehicle, this makes a neat install.

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
Road Angel Gem road-ang-GEM Road Angel Gem is the latest GPS speed camera detector that updates over the air. Notifies you of GATSO's Trevello's, SPECS, and camera van sites Product Details
Coyote coyote Coyote Speed Camera Detector Includes 12 Months subscription Product Details
Road Angel Vantage roadangvantage Road Angel Vantage Speed camera detecttor Product Details