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Stolen Car Trackers

protect your car with a tracking device

Car Trackers

Vehicle tracking device or a car tracker will aid in the recovery of your vehicle if stolen. We are one of the largest suppliers of stolen car tracker devices to the aftermarket. We offer good impartial advice and only will recommend a vehicle tracking device or car tracker that will suit your specific requirements. In addition to supplying to the public we also carry out installations for various car dealerships, insurance companies and VIP customers across the UK. We offer a European car tracking installation service POA.

Insurance Approved Vehicle Tracking Devices

There are two main security categories that have been set out by Thatcham to cover vehicle tracking devices. Category 6 car trackers and Category 5 car trackers with remote engine inhibit. The category 6 trackers are generally an entry level GPS tracker that is disarmed via the vehicles ignition key. (exception is the Cobra trak ADR or Navtrak ADR) The higher specification system is the Thatcham category 5 tracker that in addition to the ADR or driver card must have remote engine inhibit.

Manufacturer Approved Tracking Devices

We can supply manufactures approved trackers including; Navtrak ADR for Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati, Audi, Lamborghini and Tesla. OEM Cobra Trak for Audi, Lamborghini, McLaren and Porsche.

Please choose which vehicle / car tracking device you require (Cat 5 or Cat 6) or If you need help and advice please contact us to discuss further.

Thatcham Category 5 Tracking systemsThatcham Category 6 tracking systems

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
SmarTrack Protector smartrack-protector SmarTrack Protector Pro-GPS car tracker. Ideal for tracking cars, vans and agricultural vehicles. Product Details
CobraTrak Plus 2216 cobra2215 CobraTrak Plus 2216 Thatcham Category 6 European GPS vehicle tracking system. The Cobratrak plus insurance approved car tracker must be fitted but Thatcham Installer. Product Details
Scorpion Track-ST50 scorpion-Track-st50 Scorpion Track ST50 Vehicle Tracking device-car tracker. This rugged, GPS Thatcham Category 6 tracking system tracks the vehicle in the event of theft and also permits the owner to track the vehicle online. Product Details
Cobra Trak Plus 2215 With Web cobra2215-WEB Cobra Trak Plus 2215 Car tracker with Web access is a Thatcham Category 6 European GPS tracking system. Cobra tracking products are recognised by all leading insurance companies. Product Details
Cobra Trak ADR 2131 cobratrak-ADR-2131 Cobra Trak ADR is a Thatcham Category 6 European GPS/GSM tracking system with Automatic Driver Recognition cards. The tracking system automatically alerts if stolen. Product Details
RAC Trackstar 5 RacTrackstar-5 RAC Trackstar 5 £749 Fitted - Category 5 Tracking System. GPS Tracker with driver tags, European cover and engine immobiliser lock. Product Details
CobraTrak 5 2131 cobratrak5-2131 Cobra Trak 5 is a Thatcham Category 5 European GPS/GSM tracking system with engine lock/immobilisation. It is the highest spec stolen vehicle car tracker available. Product Details