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Thatcham Category 5

Thatcham Category 5 Tracking systemsThatcham category 5 is the highest specification GPS stolen vehicle tracking device that is approved by insurers. Cat 5 - Recognised by all leading insurers, generally only required for high-end performance or prestige vehicles. When fitted, the owner will have total peace of mind in that if there is any unauthorised movement, the 24 hour SOC (Secure Operations Centre) will be alerted immediately.

The key differences between a conventional GPS tracking system and a Category 5 Tracking system are as follows -

We offer a mobile fitting service throughout the UK and across *Europe. Installations can be carried out at your home, place of work or at the dealership.

Please contact us first if unsure about suitable location and conditions for the installations to be carried out.


* European installations will be subject to additional costs. Please contact us for a bespoke quotation.

Some vehicles may be subject to an additional charge due to the nature of the install/vehicle type

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Scorpion Track 5 ST55 Scorpion Track 5. Thatcham category 5 European car tracker with ADR driver cards. GPS, track your car online. Product Details
RAC Trackstar 5 RacTrackstar-5 RAC Trackstar 5 £749 Fitted - Category 5 Tracking System. GPS Tracker with driver tags, European cover and engine immobiliser lock. Product Details
CobraTrak 5 2131 cobratrak5-2131 Cobra Trak 5 is a Thatcham Category 5 European GPS/GSM tracking system with engine lock/immobilisation. It is the highest spec stolen vehicle car tracker available. Product Details