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Thatcham Category 6

thatcham category 6 vehicle tracking systemsThatcham Category 6 GPS tracking systems provide an excellent level of vehicle security and enable the car to be tracked with an accuracy of a few meters. All of our cat 6 trackers will locate your vehicle throughout UK and Europe. Cat 6 vehicle trackers are approved by all leading insurance companies and in most cases a discount on you car insurance will be offered. Most of the car trackers we offer give the ability to track you vehicle over the internet.

We can install your tracker for you at home, work or at the dealership. All prices listed include on-site installation of you chosen tracker.

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SmarTrack Protector smartrack-protector SmarTrack Protector Pro-GPS car tracker. Ideal for tracking cars, vans and agricultural vehicles. Product Details
Land Rover Trackstar TM470 RAC Trackstar-Land Rover is the manufacturer approved product and is recognised by all major insurers. GPS car tracker for all Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles. Product Details
CobraTrak Plus 2216 cobra2215 CobraTrak Plus 2216 Thatcham Category 6 European GPS vehicle tracking system. The Cobratrak plus insurance approved car tracker must be fitted but Thatcham Installer. Product Details
Cobra Trak Plus 2215 With Web cobra2215-WEB Cobra Trak Plus 2215 Car tracker with Web access is a Thatcham Category 6 European GPS tracking system. Cobra tracking products are recognised by all leading insurance companies. Product Details
Scorpion Track-ST50 scorpion-Track-st50 Scorpion Track ST50 Vehicle Tracking device-car tracker. This rugged, GPS Thatcham Category 6 tracking system tracks the vehicle in the event of theft and also permits the owner to track the vehicle online. Product Details
Cobra Trak ADR 2131 cobratrak-ADR-2131 Cobra Trak ADR is a Thatcham Category 6 European GPS/GSM tracking system with Automatic Driver Recognition cards. The tracking system automatically alerts if stolen. Product Details