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Caravan Security

Caravan theft is on the increase with few caravans being recovered and returned to their rightful owner. By having a dedicated caravan tracking device fitted to your caravan will ensure the speedy recovery of your caravan, in fact the tracking systems that we install in caravans will alert the 24 hour SOC that monitors your caravan if it moves more that a few hundred meters. This means that the thieves will never actually get away with it.

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Cobra Trak Plus-Caravan cobra2215-Caravan Cobra Trak Plus-Caravan. Insurance approved GPS caravan tracking device. Specifacally designed for leisure vehicles and come with European tracking as standard Product Details
Scorpion Track-Caravan scorpion-caravan Scorpion Track ST50-Caravan Tracker. This GPS Thatcham category 6 caravan and leisure tracking system tracks the vehicle in the event of theft and also permits the vehicle owner to track the vehicle online. Product Details