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Plant Tracking

tracking devices for plant,tractorsPlant equipment and machinery has been targeted for many years. Many of the larger machines are stolen and shipped abroad and never seen again whilst the smaller machines are just stolen and often sold on in this country. We have a few specific plant tracking devices that will protect again your machines being stolen. For a very little outlay you can save against the chance of being without vital equipment that you rely on for you business. The tracking systems we install onto plant machinery will send a silent alert to the SOC if you machine makes any unauthorised movement. Police should act on this as crime in progress and will work with the SOC to recovery you vehicle.

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Scorpion Track-Plant scorpion-ST60-plant Scorpion Track ST60 Plant Tracker. This rugged, waterproof GPS Thatcham Category 6 plant tracking system tracks the vehicle/plant machinery in the event of theft and also permits the owner to track the vehicle online. Product Details
SmarTrack-Plant smartrack-plant SmarTrack-Plant Is a dedicated plant tracking system that is designed to recover stolen plant machinery and tractors in the evnt of theft Product Details