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THB Bury

THB Bury Bluetooth for carsTHB Bury Bluetooth hands free systems are packed full of features. The most popular hands free kits are operated either by a sleek detachable touch screen or by voice commands.

Bury is a German manufacturer so you can be assured of excellent quality and reliability. Their simple menu system allows the end user to operate with ease.

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
THB Bury Motion Bury-motion THB Bury Motion is designed for the iPhone as a plug and play solution Product Details
THB Bury CC9060 Bluetooth Hands Free car kit THB-Bury-CC9060 THB Bury CC9060 Bluetooth Car Kit Voice activated touch screen, ADP2 music streaming, text to speech Product Details
THB Bury 9060 Music THB-9060-Music THB Bury Music. Hands free bluetooth car kit that streams music from your iPod- Full touch screen control Product Details
THB Bury TIME THB-TIME THB BUry Time has all the funtionality of the CC9060 but has a GPS trip computer-ideal for those exspenses Product Details