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Dension iPod and iPhone integration


Dension is creating solutions to connnect your iPod, USB mobile storage and any or other multimedia players to your original car stereo. You can also control your music device from your steering wheel and car head unit, and see your iPod and USB menu on your cars display.

Please check the compatibility BEFORE you order

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
Ice Link One Dension-ILF7CR91 Dension Ice Link One FM ipod interface for all cars with an fm radio Product Details
Gateway Lite 3 Dension_GWL3XXX Dension gateway Lite 3 iPhone, iPod, USB, MP3 car adapter Product Details
Gateway 100 Dension-GW16xx Dension Gateway 100 Play you iPod or iPhone through your cars existing radio. (For CAN based vehicles) Product Details
Gateway Lite-D2B Dension-GWL1DB Gateway Lite D2B iPod, iPhone and USB music interface for cars with D2B Product Details
Gateway Lite-MOST Dension-GWL1MOST Gateway Lite MOST iPod, iPhone and USB music interface for cars with MOST Product Details
Dension Gateway 500 DEN-500 Dension Gateway 500 is a fibre optic interface that enables Ipod connectivity through your factory car audio system. Product Details