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parrot Bluetoth car kitsParrot are one of the leading universal bluetooth hands free manufacturers. They offer a range of Bluetooth hands free systems suitable for all types of vehicles.

Their bluetooth range starts at a simple two button device that allows you to make and receive calls to a full feature system with a colour screen, voice activation and music streaming from your iPod, iPhone or USB device.

All Parrot bluetooth kits (except CK300) will sync your phonebook so there is no need to touch of look at your phone when making a call.

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Name SKU Thumbnail Image Description  
Parrot CK 3000 Evolution Parrot CK300 Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth hands free car kit. Simple to use compatible with most bluetooth phones. Professional Onsite installation. Product Details
Parrot CK3100 Parrot-CK3100 Parrot CK3100 Bluetooth handsfree car kit with LCD display. Syncs contacts with phonebook Product Details
Parrot Mki 9100 parrot MKi 9100 Parrot MKi9100 the ideal hands free bluetooth car kit for connecting to your iPod or iPhone. Bluetooth connection with crystal clear sound and seamless music streaming. Product Details
Parrot MKi 9200 Parrot-MKi9200 Parrot MKi 9200 Bluetooth car kit. Built for iPod Product Details

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Important: Whilst we endeavour to ensure that all products and  services are displayed correctly at time of publication we may like to point out that some product(s) may vary slightly in appearance and specification. All products supplied are genuine and come with manufactures warrantee.