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Prevent OBD car Theft on Range Rover, BMW and Audi

OBD Car Theft

OBD Theft On the Increase

The theft of cars using the the OBD port to program or clone car keys has been happening for several years however there has been a sharp increase over the last few months. The main cars that are being stolen are Range Rovers, BMW, Audi and Jaguar. There is a major floor in the vehicles security system and software that allows a car thief to plug a device into the vehicles OBD Port (On Board Diagnostic) and in a matter of seconds program a key and drive the car away.

OBD theft of range Rovers in London

The new Range Rovers seem to be at the top of the list for these gangs who are operation across the country with London and the South East being the worst effected. As a result many insurers are now stipulating a Thatcham category 5 Tracking device as opposed to the lower level Cat 6 tracking device.

OBD car theft can be solved

We have various solutions to prevent you car being stolen in this manner. Please call us for more information on these products. We can fit these on site and make your vehicle secure.

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