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Ice Link One

Ice Link One


Easy iPod through the car radio

  • Listen to your iPod on your car radio via FM
  • Hard-wired solution for excellent sound quality
  • Simple, clip-on air vent mount
  • Works in any car with an FM radio
  • Automatic on/off detection and iPod charging
  • Additional Aux input source
  • Seven user-selectable FM frequencies
  • Reusable upon change of vehicle

Even if we do not have a vehicle specific solution for your car, you can still enjoy all the content of your iPod in great sound quality by fitting an Ice Link One fm transmitter, providing your car has an FM radio. This ipod adapter comes with a cradle to hold and charge your iPod, which can be easily fitted to the air vent.


Control at your fingertips

The Ice Link One (FM) FM transmitter converts your iPod music into an FM format that the radio reads in the same way as a radio station. It then broadcasts this signal down a cable, which connects into the aerial socket on your radio (the original antenna is kept active so you can still get all your radio stations as normal). You then tune the radio to the frequency selected, and you will have iPod music through the car speakers. If the chosen frequency clashes with an existing radio station, there are six alternatives that you can switch your iPod to at the push of a button.

The iPod sits in a cradle, which will charge it, and control of the iPod is in the normal way, via the click wheel or touch screen (iPhone, iTouch). So easy is to use an FM transmitter in your car.

Got an FM radio in the car? You’re compatible!

ILF6CR91 - ice>Link ONE (FM) with 5G cradle

Compatible with:

  • iPhone up to iPhone 3GS
  • Nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G (with separate inserts IP51AD1, IP51AD2, IP51AD3, IP51AD4, IP51AD5)

ILF7CR91- ice>Link ONE (FM) with 3G cradle

Compatible with:

  • Nano3
  • iPhone 1. gen.
  • Touch 1. gen.
  • iPod 5G Video
  • iPod Classic
  • iPhone 4 gen. (additional Power Booster is required except for GW Five and Blue)
  • Touch 3 gen.


Seamless Integration

Car information and entertainment systems can be complex networks, so we always recommend that you have your installation carried out by a qualified installer.

The cradle has a simple damage free air vent clip for installation in the vehicle. The Ice Link ipod adapter itself is less than the size of a CD case and will be installed securely out of sight behind the dash. Dension products are all designed so that there is no need to cut cables.

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