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Gateway Lite-MOST

Gateway Lite-MOST


Simple integration for iPod and USB

  • Play your iPod, iPhone or USB music device through the car radio.
  • Basic control from the radio controls
  • Retain the original dashboard aesthetic
  • Charge your iPod/iPhone while driving

If your car does not have a text capability, Gateway Lite is an easy to fit, easy to use option, which will play music from iPod or USB music devices, through the audio system in the car. The product is designed to be as simple to use as possible, so the last device plugged into it is the one that will play. Your iPod is controlled by the click wheel, however you can skip tracks using the FFWD button on the radio, or steering wheel. In some cars you can allocate folders from your USB device to the CD changer selection keys on the radio, making navigation that bit easier. There are no extra boxes to stick on the dashboard, or unsightly cables trailing around the vehicle. The interior of your car looks exactly like it did the day you bought it, it just does a lot more.
To find the right Gateway Lite for your car, click the compatibility tab above.


Control at your fingertips

When connected into the car, Gateway Lite emulates a CD changer (usually, sometimes it’s an auxiliary input), and the radio accepts the music signal sent into it by the iPod or USB and plays it back through the audio

system speakers. You can control your iPod from the clickwheel in the normal way, and once you’ve selected the music you want, you can skip a track you don’t like by using the FFWD butto on your radio or steering wheel. Of course, every Gateway Lite comes with a comprehensive user manual, but if you need to get started quickly, select the CD changer function, plug your iPod into the dock cable or cradle and you will have music. To download a user manual for your vehicle, click here.


Seamless Integration

Car information and entertainment systems can be complex networks, so Dension always recommends that you have your installation carried out by a qualified installer.

The installation will vary slightly in different cars, but in each case, you will have either a cradle, or a dock cable to connect your iPod to. Your installer will ask and advise as to the best place to situate this in your vehicle. The Gateway itself is less than the size of a CD case and will be installed securely out of sight behind the dash. Dension products are all designed so that there is no need to cut cables.
To download the installation manual, click here.

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